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Monday Evening Weather Update

The complex of storms that has developed this evening across southern Indiana continues to make a lot of noise in that part of the country. A special discussion was just issued by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) that mentions that those storms will likely remain very intense there but weaken as they move south. The environment where the storms are is much more unstable than ours, owing to their strength.

The current radar shows those storms. The discussion by the SPC has been outlined by them on the weatherTAP radar image. Also, notice how much lightning there is with those storms. If our skies can clear a bit we’ll be able to see the distant lightning from the plateau. Those cloud tops are 30-40 thousand feet tall.

I’ve downgraded my concerns for us overnight, though my concerns were never that high. Still, any storm that does make it this far south would pose a damaging wind gust/heavy rainfall threat. Earlier rain in our neck of the woods has gone a long way in stablizing our environment. The closer you are to the Kentucky border the greater your risk for a strong storm tonight.

The SPC maintains the marginal risk for our area overnight. We will be in the same risk tomorrow for similar storms that could form and move our way.

I’ll keep an eye on things and let you know if there’s something you need to know about. I’ll be leaving my weather radio on tonight, just in case.

The SPC just extended severe t-storm watches farther south and they now include the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Like I said, I’ll be watching it all and I sure do appreciate you trusting me with your weather.

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  1. Thanks, Mark. You’re the GREATEST. We appreciate you!

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