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Strong Winds Developing Overnight

The National Weather Service has now issued a wind advisory for tonight and tomorrow. Winds may gust to near 30 mph areawide, with isolated gusts reaching 40 mph. This could lead to some sporadic power outages. Secure any loose outdoor furniture before dark this evening. The strongest winds may come in the early morning hours of Saturday.

Be aware that any wildfires that may be burning across the region could worsen overnight, especially if winds get gusty in the area of such fires.

It continues to look like rain showers will threaten outdoor plans this weekend, though rainfall totals are expected to stay at or under 1/4 inch areawide.

The severe weather with this system today across the southern plains will move into the Lower Mississippi River Valley tonight. That activity will weaken signficantly when it reaches Tennessee. Severe thunderstorms are not expected on the plateau with this system over the weekend.

With above normal temps expected next week, along with November being recognized as a month in which we tend to see an uptick in severe weather, I’ll be monitoring any frontal systems that will come our way. Should severe weather threaten at any time in the future, I will schedule a Facebook live to answer any questions you all may have and to let you know how concerned we should be.

For now, just be aware of gusty winds coming our way tonight and tomorrow.

You all be safe and take care! I’ll have a full blog update in the morning.

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