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Tuesday Night Wx Update (8:45)

A rainy and windy night is ahead for us. I think it’s safe to say that rain chances are at 100%! (ha) We needed this rainfall, so we can sure be thankful for that.

As for severe weather, our chances look very, very low. Even the severe weather across the Deep South has underperformed. With that being said, folks across parts of the Deep South are still having a rough evening.

We remain highlighted in the marginal risk for severe storms overnight. That’s the lowest of the five severe weather risk cateoriges. A low chance, but not a zero chance.

Be prepared for the gusty southerly winds tonight. They could top 35-40 mph at times. That could lead to sporadic power outages. I’ve had some very strong gusts here at home and that wil continue through the night.

I just checked the power outage map for that state and I’m not seeing too many outages at this time. Hopefully that stays true. To access that map just go to and scroll over the counties to see the number of outages in each county. There are a few outages in Fentress County at this hour.

If we see stronger storms they will likely come in the 1:00-3:00 a.m window. Keep your weather radios on just in case.

I’ll update again, as needed.

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