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MM’s Friday 5-Day Outlook

Weather forecast issued Friday, May 25, 2023


Widespread severe storms are not expected for the next five days.

Friday Funny

Exclusive Hay Weather Forecast

Humidity forecast from 9:00 a.m. Friday morning to 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning

MM’s 5-Day Forecast

MM’s Wx Vlog

Thursday’s Rainfall

This map shows the rainfall that fell on Thursday.

Notice the lone shower over Jamestown in Fentress County. That’s what a 20% chance of rain looks like. (ha)

Weather Statistics

For the period of midnight to midnight.

On This Day

1771 – A famous Virginia flood occurred as heavy rains in the mountains brought all rivers in the state to record high levels.

1917 – A tornado touched down near Louisiana, Missouri, about noon and remained on the ground for a distance of 293 miles, finally lifting seven hours and twenty minutes later in eastern Jennings County, Indiana. The twister cut a swath of destruction two and a half miles wide through Mattoon, Illinois. There were 101 persons killed in the tornado, including 53 at Mattoon, and 38 at Charleston, Illinois. Damage from the storm totaled 2.5 million dollars.

1988 – There was “frost on the roses” in the Upper Ohio Valley and the Central Appalachian Mountain Region. Thirteen cities reported record low temperatures for the date, including Youngstown, Ohio, with a reading of 30 degrees. 

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