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Beautiful days ahead

We are finally in a pattern where we will see nothing but sunshine and warmer temperatures. Highs for the next five days will flirt with the 80-degree mark. We may even surpass 80 by a couple degrees over the weekend. There’s no rain in sight through Tuesday. By the middle of next week a front will approach and that will increase our rain chances. We’ll worry about that later, though.

I’m still watching the tropics. Jose was downgraded to a strong tropical storm yesterday but is expected to regain hurricane status sometime today. It still looks like it will hug the East Coast the first half of this coming week, but landfall is not expected. Let’s hope it doesn’t swing closer.

As of yesterday evening, we now have tropical depression 14 way out in the Atlantic. We’ll soon have tropical depression 15 just ahead of 14. Both are expected to become tropical storms and both will need to be watched over the next week to ten days.

Meanwhile, please get out and enjoy this beautiful weather this weekend!


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