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Definitely not a spooky forecast!

I don’t think we could have asked for better Halloween weather! Highs today will climb into the upper 50s under mostly sunny skies. Tonight we’ll only drop into the lower 40s as skies become increasingly cloudy. Wednesday looks to be mostly cloudy with the possibility of some sprinkles or an isolated shower. Highs will reach into the lower 60s. The rest of the week looks unsettled, with scattered showers and highs each day near 70. I think it might be safe to say we’ll be entering a period of “Indian Summer” starting tomorrow. Indian Summer is an extended period of warmth following the first hard frost or freeze. I don’t see any bitter cold weather in sight, but I’ll keep an eye on that!

This is a bit of an unusual Halloween for us on the plateau. I can’t remember a Halloween when the leaves hadn’t fallen off the trees. Back in September, when we had those cool spells, it looked as if fall would come very early, but we had that unusual warm-up in early October and, well, here we are on the cusp of November and very few leaves have fallen. Then, we got snow flurries before our first freeze this past weekend. I think it’s safe to say the leaves will be changing very quickly now that they’ve been frozen. At least this Halloween doesn’t have accumulating snow like a couple we’ve had in the past. I think it was 1991 (maybe ‘ 90) when we had about an inch of snow fall Halloween evening. Then, in 2014 we were hit with another round of Halloween snow. And who can forget the pictures we saw of the snow that fell in the Smokies just the other day? The craziest snow for the mountains was when the back side of Hurricane Sandy (2012) dropped 36″ of snow on Mt. Leconte.  They normally get 1″ in October. So, we’re already in that time of year when the weather can get “tricky”, though we can always hope for “treats” like today!

You all have a great and safe Halloween and may we all be hungover from sugar highs tomorrow! Now, where’s my Reeses……

Here’s more pics from Mt. Leconte from Monday morning.


I shared that forecast yesterday on Twitter. It’s for the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire. At a little over 6,000′ in elevation, they are well known for having very crazy weather!



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