Lunch update

The temperature has now dropped to 32 degrees, with a wind chill of 27. Bundle up if you’re heading out for lunch! Also, keep your eyes open for some flurries. I’ve been getting messages from folks all across the plateau saying they have spotted a flurry or three. We remain under NO advisories and none are expected. Still, now that we’re at freezing we could see some of these flakes start to stick to leaves, grass, etc. Keep those fingers crossed hard enough, snowbirds, and we may even see a dusting in some places.

I noticed on satellite that clouds are a bit thicker just south of Nashville. Those clouds are swinging our way and will arrive this afternoon. They could be just thick enough to drop more flurries on us and maybe even some light snow showers. Fingers crossed! If anyone sees me on the roof of TAP doing something weird don’t worry. It’s just me doing my snow dance. lol


2 thoughts on “Lunch update

  1. Lilly tried doing her snow dance the other night before bed, hoping for no school. LOL So if your snow dance works, you may have to put out your own “how-to” Youtube video for all the school kids. HAHA As far as I am concerned, you can keep all of it, AT LEAST until Dec. 1.

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