9:15 Friday evening wx update

I have already collected 1.11 inches of rain here at my house in Rinnie (northern Cumberland County). I’m not alone. For this reason, and the fact that the radar is still absolutely covered in rain, the NWS has raised rainfall amount predictions to 2-3 inches for the plateau. I think it’s safe to say the two inches is guaranteed.

We haven’t seen a radar look like this, folks, in a very long time! Activity is moving north, northeast.


Thankfully, the severe weather is staying near the coast. That’s where it will stay. We could hear some thunder from time to time, but I don’t expect anything much from that either.

I also wanted to tell you that we now have two named tropical storms. I had mentioned these in the special afternoon update that I put out. At that time it was just a possibility they would get named. Tropical Storm Olga is in the Gulf and will make landfall near New Orleans. You can see her path on the radar image above. She will only add to the rainfall being produced by our cold front.

Tropical Storm Pablo is well out in the Atlantic and will never come anywhere near the US.

Hurricane season runs through November 30.

You all have a great night! You might wanna crank up some Eddie Rabbitt and enjoy you some I Love a Rainy Night! Oh yeah…….



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