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Tropical Storm Wilfred Forms in the Atlantic

The National Hurricane Center has determined that the depression in the eastern Atlantic has organized into a Tropical Storm. Many of us thought the depression in the Gulf would be named first, but Ma Nature had other plans (ha).

This means that when the depression in the Gulf gets named, which could be at any moment, it will be named Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

We have only used all the names for a season in one other season. That other season was 2005.

Wilfred will stay in the open waters of the Atlantic for quite some time and may even weaken back into a depression by Sunday.

Interestingly, there is no plan in place for an occasion in which we would need to retire a Greek alphabet storm. I’m not saying there will be a need for that, but it is interesting. If, for instance, we retire Alpha how would we name another storm after the first letter of the Greek alphabet? Keep in mind a storm’s name is only retired if they become very damaging storms.

I’ll keep you all posted on the depression in the southwestern Gulf. It looks impressive on satellite at this hour. Incidentally, there are all kinds of issues with the satellite this morning. Those issues started yesterday. This is no time for satellite data to be getting quirky! ha I should remind you that this depression is moving very, very slowly and we have many days to monitor it.

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