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Weather Update

The Storm Prediction Center just issued a special discussion for our area stating that there is a 60% of them issuing a watch of some sort for our area for the rest of tonight. They say they are concerned about this line of storms bringing damaging winds and the possibility of a few tornadoes. I worry about the same thing, as guidance shows our atmosphere is destabilizing. I have a feeling they’ll issue a tornado watch. Stay tuned.

A line of strong to severe storms is now making its way through the Nashville area. One thing is for sure, flooding has nearly brought Music City to its knees. Numerous water rescues are underway, with many of those being from people in stranded vehicles on interstates! There’s even a report of a building collapse, with people screaming form help from the stairwell. Just an absolute disaster.

I just saw these statements on Twitter concerning Nashville, “If they don’t have a boat we don’t need them.” “People are trapped in houses.” “Vehicle sinking on the interstate.” Those were statements on the scanner. A flash flood emergency is in effect for Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Mount Juliet.

Now the last of the heaviest rain is moving through that city and headed our way. But, this band of heavy rain is the LAST thing Nashville needs.

The Storm Prediction Center reissued a tornado watch for southern Middle Tennessee. There are tornado warnings in northeast Mississippi that southern Middle TN may be dealing with over the next couple of hours.

As for us, our tornado threat is still low but the flood threat is very high. This band of heavy rain and strong/severe storms is going to push everything to flash flood levels pretty quickly. Tonight is no time to be out on the roads.

I’ll keep watching it all. That line of storms is holding its own and packing a punch. Hopefully, it settles down before coming through here.

In the radar image below, I circled Nashville and drew a line through the storms I’m tracking. The border of Cumberland County is highlighted, as well. Storms should be here within the next couple of hours.

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  1. Thank you Mark. Always on the job when we need you. God Bless. 🧡

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