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6:30 MM Winter Weather Update

Yesterday, I showed you all the specialized discussions the Storm Prediction Center put out about the severe weather. Those are called mesoscale discussions and they usually give us a heads up for when a severe weather watch is about to be issued by them. Well, they also issue those discussions for winter weather and they have just issued one for our area!

They warn of areas of moderate to heavy snowfall developing overnight. I half wondered if we might get upgraded to a winter storm warning here on the plateau. I guess we’ll just wait and see. What an interesting situation this is turning out to be!

I just saw pics from my old stomping grounds at Mississippi State. It’s pouring down the snow there. Quite the sight. I think in the six years I lived there we saw snow maybe three times.

These upper level lows are also known for making thundersnow from time to time. That’d be a sight to see!

Our rain is still changing over. I keep getting different folks in different parts of Cumberland and Fentress county saying they are already seeing snowflakes fall.

Keep on the watch!

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